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ADB over WiFi to debug web content on android

I couldn’t figure out how to debug chrome on my android from my computer. As a we developer who specialises in responsive design and having recently started to develop a hybrid app debugging my android smartphone from my computer is a must have feature for me. I have been previously using a usb cable plugged in to my laptop to debug (guide for that here). However, if i could use ADB over WiFi it give me more freedom and one less cable I need to carry around. 

So when i finally figuerd it out i though i would create a guide.

On you android

  1. Enable developer option. To make it visible, go to Settings > About phone and tap Build number seven times. Return to the previous screen to find Developer options at the bottom.
  2. In developer setting turn on USB debugging and ADB over network
    Developer option
  3. Note down the IP address and port under ADB over network option. In my case (where, “ip address”:”port”)

On you computer

  1. open command prompt and navigate to where the android sdk is located on you computer. Then platform-tools folder. (android sdk)
  2. in command prompt enter: (where 5555 is your port number)
    adb tcpip 5555

    adb tcpip 5555
    It doesn’t matter if you get any errors

  3. then enter: (what you noted down from your phone)

    adb connect
    adb connect
  4. It should say connected, If not try again

  5. Once connected go to chrome://inspect/#devices from chrome on your computer, you should now be able to inspect and debug web content on your device from you computer over wifichrome://inspect/#deviceschrome://inspect/#devices tab

If you want to return to debugging with USB enter :

adb usb

ADB over WiFi is not set up, Good luck!

For a healthy mind and body….. Talk to a psychologist

mockDrop_iPhone 6 plus(1)

“For a healthy mind and body….. Talk to a psychologist” is the novel idea at the heart of our startup. We are building an app to make talking to a psychologist simple and hassle free. Thrivo is a messaging app that allows you to message a dedicated psychologist for support on achieving goals and managing life’s many problems securely and discreetly.
We are looking for testers to help develop the app. Help shape our revolutionary service by signing up and sharing this with your friends. Together we can Thrivo.

Sign up at:


Swiss hills

Swiss drive

Music to get more work done

This time the music is more energetic and less chilled. Perfect for Programming, writing and screaming.


Music to get work done

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My 2014

Quote of the day app



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Crawley walk

Paris : My short but amazing trip

I went to paris last week and as i been there twice before but never done any touristy thing i decided to take a few extra days of work and look around. As such there are quite a few pictures of the Eiffel Tower. I only uploaded about 10% of the pics of the tower but then again it is big and you can’t miss it.  The weather was amazing for the duration of my visit which was just the icing on the cake.


Eiffel Tower, Paris

Eiffel Tower, Paris


Thankfully i have some amazing family there who provided shelter and food for me and showed me around paris. Even though i barely understood the language i didn’t feel restricted or like i am in a different country. It is a beautiful city even if it isn’t as good as london.

Photo Gallery

More pictures on my Flicker.

Hospital Art

This week has been an odd one. It started with me going to East Surrey hospital to visit a family member for a minor surgery. I was at the hospital at 6 am on sunday and didn’t leave till 5pm. As normal I am not a fan of hospitals, Their smell and their dull layout which this hospital was no difference at. But as I had some spare time I went for a walk around the hospital when I came across some cool art at the hospital.


Work wise, Everything is going well Most likely the new design layout can go live next week. This would be my third big project for RSCPP. It is a nice feeling to show people my work and tell them I did that. My website is also coming along really well but a am my biggest critic and constantly changing things.

The most interesting part of this week was configuring twitter:cards to work with my blog and other projects. Twitter:card is where whe you past in a link in a status update and twitter bets information about the website.


I will do a detail post on how to set it up later on in the week.

I guess this week is odd but not too interesting as I have been really busy with work. Hopefully next week will be better.