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Crawley walk

Paris : My short but amazing trip

I went to paris last week and as i been there twice before but never done any touristy thing i decided to take a few extra days of work and look around. As such there are quite a few pictures of the Eiffel Tower. I only uploaded about 10% of the pics of the tower but then again it is big and you can’t miss it.  The weather was amazing for the duration of my visit which was just the icing on the cake.


Eiffel Tower, Paris

Eiffel Tower, Paris


Thankfully i have some amazing family there who provided shelter and food for me and showed me around paris. Even though i barely understood the language i didn’t feel restricted or like i am in a different country. It is a beautiful city even if it isn’t as good as london.

Photo Gallery

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Hospital Art

This week has been an odd one. It started with me going to East Surrey hospital to visit a family member for a minor surgery. I was at the hospital at 6 am on sunday and didn’t leave till 5pm. As normal I am not a fan of hospitals, Their smell and their dull layout which this hospital was no difference at. But as I had some spare time I went for a walk around the hospital when I came across some cool art at the hospital.


Work wise, Everything is going well Most likely the new design layout can go live next week. This would be my third big project for RSCPP. It is a nice feeling to show people my work and tell them I did that. My website is also coming along really well but a am my biggest critic and constantly changing things.

The most interesting part of this week was configuring twitter:cards to work with my blog and other projects. Twitter:card is where whe you past in a link in a status update and twitter bets information about the website.


I will do a detail post on how to set it up later on in the week.

I guess this week is odd but not too interesting as I have been really busy with work. Hopefully next week will be better.

Once a week or may be not

When I started blogging a while ago, in my days on tumblr I did blog regularly but as time went on and as I got busier the frequency of my posts have dropped. I have planned to make an effort to post at least once a week, so I thought I would start with this post about the this week.

It has been a slight above average week for me. In the end game of my current project for rscpp.co.uk. The project originally started as making the site look a bit more modern and wider as our current site design is a bit outdated and would have been perfect for mid 2000s but not really the one for the future.

Current rscpp design

Current rscpp design

However when we entered the design process, the original plan  grew as we started to make some changes to improve the usability. It went from a simple project to a whole design overhaul. Hopefully the project will be completed in the upcoming weeks and I could go into more details about changes.

I attended the 2014 launch event of Croydon Tech City, The talks where fascinating as always and people where great as always. One of the target I set my self for the year in industry was to get better at making new contacts. i have always fond making new contacts a wired process of trying to sell your self to the other person while they are trying to do the same. By going to Tech city events I am able to meet other people in the tech universe and get better at making contact with every new person I meet.

I started to get bored with my current website design for www.gajalakshan.com and started a redesign. I really like my current design for its simplicity but it looked dull and boring so I went for a more colourful approach. Here is a sneak peek.

sneak peak

sneak peak

There might be a lot of changes by the time I put it live. Wow this turned out pretty long.  Back to the point about once a week, hopefully I can post one once a week or like the title suggest “may be not”.  But I think it would be fun to get it to a pattern of writing something every week.

Music to get work done

A playlist of music to get work done and help you study and relax. I have always Listen to music when work but the type of music usually varies depending on What sort of mood i am in and what speed i want to work at. The playlist below is a general work music that should suit all moods and speeds.  Selected specially to relax your mind enabling you to get more work done efficiently and quickly.

Music to get work done



I love Quidco

Simple tasker task– Wallpaper of the day

taskerI recently got hooked on tasker. If you read reviews and other posts about tasker, you will see a lot op people reputedly saying its the best money they’ve spent in a while and i have to completely agree. Simply because it helps your smartphone become smarter the way you want it.  Here is a simple task i wrote to get a new wallpaper every day from thePaperWall. I had to write a small php script to make the process easier. The script just returns the location of the image.

Lets get started with Tasker.

Create a Context:

I’ve used used time > and between 07:00 – 07:05 so it updates every day.

The Task:
Before i started i made a folder called wallpaper on my sd card. (you can call it what ever you want or choose to save the image to an existing folder).
HTTP Get : server=”http://gajalakshan.com/get.php?mode=mobile” everything else as it is.
HTTP Get : server=”%HTTPD” Mime Type =”image/jpeg” output=”wallpaper”(select the download folder)  everything else as it is.
Set Wallpaper : Image=”(save location)/wallpaper”

And that is it.

Amazing Time lapse of world ciities

Amazing Time lapse of great cities from around the world

Twitter RSS Alternative

Twitter has decided to stop is RSS feed with the new API 1.1 upgrade. It is really annoying for me as i was using it for lot of my IFTT recipes and suddenly it has stopped working. but There is still hope through rssirfor.me will generate an rss feed given you Twitter user name or #hashtag  and even better they are working on getting a single feed of people you follow. However as you can except there is a lot of load on their servers and is pretty sow for now. My recommended  alternative, if you happen to have a web server is  a server side RSS generator. There is a brilliant tutorial on how to do this on http://ianchanning.wordpress.com. As it will be on your server you don’t have to worry about other people slowing down your feed.



http://ianchanning.wordpress.com (requires a server and some setup)

It’s been a while

I have used that title three time already but i have truly been busy. Since my last post i have passed my second year of university and have started my year in industry. I have to say this work thing that everyone complains about isn’t too bad. I work up on Monday excited and before you know it it is Friday. Maybe because i have only been working for two months but i like to think because i am doing something i truly enjoy and the people i work with are amazing. All in all life is amazing. The only thing it seems i don’t have time to do is blog. Hopefully i can get around to doing them more often.